Les' 65th Birthday Party

The Brief: To surprise the birthday boy with a highly decorated room and outdoor area for his 65th birthday party. 

When we met with our client we discovered that whilst the party was no secret, the honouree would know nothing about our role in it or the spectacular cake she had commissioned. This made communication tricky as every time we called our client, Les answered the phone! We developed an alter ego so he wouldn't suspect a thing. 

Whilst chatting in our initial meeting it became apparent that although there was no set theme for the party, the cake and invitations reflected Les' former military career. We decided we would match this ourselves with a dark green colour scheme, adding gold accents to instill glamour and to give a nod to the special milestone. 

We decorated each table with dark green paper cloths - disposable and in keeping with the relaxed nature of the Hog Roast buffet. We then added glitz, using our birdcages adorned with fairy lights as table centrepieces. Contact us to hire birdcages for your own party. 

We filled sweet jars with a variety of confectionery and decorated with a gold ribbon. We then scattered gold gems and jewels on the table for added sparkle. We sourced some great gold confetti balloons that really stood out against the soft lighting of the birdcages and reflected the disco lights when the party came into its own. 

For room decor we used gold bunting to lower the ceiling and this creating a more intimate affair. We adorned the walls with gold fans in different heights and decorated the bar with gold paper lanterns

For an added surprise we created a pin board washing line, where guests were encouraged to pin messages and doodles for Les to enjoy. Also available for hire. 

Our client asked for a spectacular entrance to the club and we created this using large candle lanterns, oil burners and our light-covered trellis' - all items available for hire

The patio at the rear of the club was to be used for serving the Hog Roast, and we wanted to create an al fresco feel. We decorated the fenced barrier with twinkling fairy lights and provided vanilla-scented tea lights in jars on each picnic table, as well as gold bunting above the entrance and larger sweet jars to encourage sharing. 

Les was amazed to see his usual club transformed into a great party space. 

Andrew and Eileen's Ruby Wedding Dinner

The Brief: To decorate a private dining room as a surprise for a Ruby Wedding Anniversary dinner.

As our couple had organised their anniversary dinner for close family themselves, we decided we would surprise them with a few extras they weren't expecting. 

We arrived at the venue early that morning to decorate the room. We adorned the long table with ruby-coloured gems. We commissioned a large floral centrepiece in ruby tones from Fleurish, and added our own multitude of ruby coloured tulips, roses and geraniums set in vases branching out from the centre. 

We prepared ruby-coloured birdcage favour cases and filled with chocolates which were set at each place. 

The beautiful fireplace in the room was a natural focal point so we adorned this with ruby coloured ribbon with a huge bow at the centre. We also decorated the mantel with yet more flowers. 

A table to the side was used for the enormous cake adorned with sugar red flowers that we had made at short notice by Edwina's Cakes. We managed to get our hands on a picture of the couple on their wedding day and we had this framed alongside the cake. 

The whole room was transformed and the couple were delighted when they saw what we had achieved without them suspecting a thing! 

Josephine's Black and Gold Cheese and Wine Soiree

The Brief: To design a Cheese and Wine Birthday Party for a glamorous client. 

After meeting with our client and grasping a sense of her style we decided to create a black and gold themed birthday party. With a small list of invitees we agreed together that a cheese and wine party would be a great idea. Our client had recently had her garden re-landscaped and thought it would be nice to have the party outdoors but due to cold weather we were forced to hold the gathering in her conservatory instead. 

We decorated each window panel with large, gold sparkling paper discs and created a warm atmosphere with candles and elegant, low lighting. We adorned the ceiling with lanterns in black and gold

Our client already had ornate furnishings which we utilised in the conservatory setting, placing a gilded lamp and a chaise longue in place. We covered the chaise in an elaborately patterned black and gold pashmina and placed a black and gold cushion on top. We brought a variety of black and gold decorated masks with us and hung these around the room as well as placing some on the buffet table.

The table centrepiece was a large glass, stemmed bowl filled with gold baubles. We added fairy lights to this to enhance the sparkle. We dressed the table in a golden tablecloth and scattered gold-coloured crystals. Food was served on gold platters contrasted with wood and slate boards to break the colour slightly. We also opted for black napkins which were placed in the wine glasses and served on a gold tray

Food consisted of a variety of cheeses, each appropriately labelled, a selection of pates, breads and biscuits and fruit and chutneys. We also provided other snacks such as light bites and crisps and offered a choice of strawberry tarts or meringues for dessert, all washed down with a selection of fine wines and lighter cocktails as an alternative. 

From the conservatory guests were free to wander out into the garden and enjoy the sights whilst being close to the warmth indoors. The party was a great success and everyone enjoyed the sense of elegance that the gold and black theme instilled. 

Aidan's Third Birthday Party

The Brief: To design a Peter Rabbit themed family birthday party suitable for a lively three year old and his friends. 

Our client chose a Peter Rabbit theme for her son's birthday party after seeing how much he enjoyed the Beatrix Potter stories and how he loved his Peter Rabbit soft toy. 

We read all the books again to provide inspiration for the party, which was set to take place in our client's conservatory or garden, weather permitting.

We chose food that related to the stories, was toddler friendly and a suitable choice for health-conscious parents. We had rabbit-inspired carrot and celery sticks and we labelled our food items based on features in the stories, such as 'Bunny Tails' marshmallow bites, 'Mrs Rabbit's buns' and 'Jeremy Fisher's butterfly sandwiches'. Each label was designed to mimic allotment garden labels

The main display item was a Vegetable Patch Cupcake Garden, complete with a white picket fence and furry free-range chicks. We created chocolate cupcakes and decorated them with chocolate icing and shaped icing vegetables then placed them in uniformed rows as if they had been freshly grown in Mr. McGregor's Garden. 

We decorated the table with pale blue cutlery, crockery and cloths and completed the look with red spotty napkins as used by Benjamin Bunny. We also added pretty teapots and Beatrix Potter themed tea caddies. 

As the weather proved in our favour we set the party in our client's garden. We decorated her fence with home-made carrot bunting and displayed drawings of Peter Rabbit everywhere, set with pale blue and white balloons. We purchased Beatrix Potter bunting from the official store to hang along the conservatory and we decorated each outdoor table with lavender (aka "Rabbit Tobacco"). 

The birthday boy wore a Peter Rabbit T shirt and blue shorts and his mother and aunt wore bunny ears and tails. We played traditional party games such as "Pass the Parcel" and "Musical Statues" where prizes included a Peter Rabbit storybook. As the children are young and lack concentration they enjoyed musical bumps on the trampoline and playing hide and seek amongst themselves. We also played a "Pin the Tail" on Peter Rabbit, which was set appropriately against the garden shed. 

At the end of the party we had our toddler blow out his birthday candles and we divided the cake to share with the guests before watching him open presents. All the children received red, spotty party bags containing sweets, party bubbles, Peter Rabbit colouring-in sheets and a slice of birthday cake. Delicious! 

Jill and John's First Anniversary Party

The Brief: A Party to celebrate the first wedding anniversary of Jill and John with family and close friends who were part of the Big Day. 

After planning and organising Jill and John's fabulous wedding last year, the Filer's asked us if we could arrange the celebrations for their first anniversary. We wanted to include key aspects and themes of their 'Country Garden' wedding whilst creating a more informal, sociable affair for the anniversary. 

We were fortunate to have access to the same private family garden that was used for the Wedding Reception last year as our location. We held the party in our beautiful 12 x 6m marquee, complete with drapes and lighting. As we were blessed with warmer wedding for the anniversary as opposed to the rain and storms endured at the wedding we were able to open two sides of the marquee, which not only provided a fabulous entrance but also made the garden a natural extension for party-goers to enjoy. 

With a start time of 4pm we advised beginning the party outside to make the most of the Spring day. We scattered garden tables for optimum socialising opportunities.

Each table at the wedding was named after a garden flower, so we took the name of the top table 'English Rose' to provide a theme for the anniversary. The floral arrangements on each table consisted of pink roses and fresh garden greens in clear vases to add a fresh look. We also used floral tablecloths and napkins. 

Rather than use traditional candles, we opted for a more informal touch instead and lit the tables with fairy lights arranged in coloured, frosted wine bottles.  This maintained the romantic feel of the wedding, whilst refreshing and relaxing it for the first anniversary.

We decorated the marquee with floral bunting and lanterns in Spring peach, which was a tribute to the colour of the bridesmaid dresses worn on the Big Day. 

As Italians are renowned for sociable eating, we decided to draw on the cuisine for the party. At around 5pm we served Italian canapes including bruschetta, goats cheese,  parma ham, garlic, mozerella and tomato, and melon. These nibbles kept the guests' hunger at bay until dinner, where we dished up firm favourite Spaghetti Bolognese with Garlic Bread, followed by Tiramisu and cheesecake. 

After a relaxed dinner we divided guests into teams to test them on their knowledge of the wedding with a quiz. Needless to say, neither the bride or groom could remember much. We then played a quick-fire round of "Mr and Mrs" where guests were handed pink and blue cards so they could declare their guesses at the same time as the married couple. As the party was largely made up of the Bride's family, the Groom certainly came off worse! 

We then surprised our couple with a slideshow of pictures from their wedding set to the song Jill used to walk down the aisle.

After the slideshow the music was turned up and the dancing and joviality began. For full effect, we used our multi-coloured disco lights which dance to the rhythm of the music.

It was a jubilant end to a lovely day spent reminiscing together about the wedding. Here's to celebrating many more anniversaries and special occasions with them!