Josephine's Black and Gold Cheese and Wine Soiree

The Brief: To design a Cheese and Wine Birthday Party for a glamorous client. 

After meeting with our client and grasping a sense of her style we decided to create a black and gold themed birthday party. With a small list of invitees we agreed together that a cheese and wine party would be a great idea. Our client had recently had her garden re-landscaped and thought it would be nice to have the party outdoors but due to cold weather we were forced to hold the gathering in her conservatory instead. 

We decorated each window panel with large, gold sparkling paper discs and created a warm atmosphere with candles and elegant, low lighting. We adorned the ceiling with lanterns in black and gold

Our client already had ornate furnishings which we utilised in the conservatory setting, placing a gilded lamp and a chaise longue in place. We covered the chaise in an elaborately patterned black and gold pashmina and placed a black and gold cushion on top. We brought a variety of black and gold decorated masks with us and hung these around the room as well as placing some on the buffet table.

The table centrepiece was a large glass, stemmed bowl filled with gold baubles. We added fairy lights to this to enhance the sparkle. We dressed the table in a golden tablecloth and scattered gold-coloured crystals. Food was served on gold platters contrasted with wood and slate boards to break the colour slightly. We also opted for black napkins which were placed in the wine glasses and served on a gold tray

Food consisted of a variety of cheeses, each appropriately labelled, a selection of pates, breads and biscuits and fruit and chutneys. We also provided other snacks such as light bites and crisps and offered a choice of strawberry tarts or meringues for dessert, all washed down with a selection of fine wines and lighter cocktails as an alternative. 

From the conservatory guests were free to wander out into the garden and enjoy the sights whilst being close to the warmth indoors. The party was a great success and everyone enjoyed the sense of elegance that the gold and black theme instilled.