Andrew and Eileen's Ruby Wedding Dinner

The Brief: To decorate a private dining room as a surprise for a Ruby Wedding Anniversary dinner.

As our couple had organised their anniversary dinner for close family themselves, we decided we would surprise them with a few extras they weren't expecting. 

We arrived at the venue early that morning to decorate the room. We adorned the long table with ruby-coloured gems. We commissioned a large floral centrepiece in ruby tones from Fleurish, and added our own multitude of ruby coloured tulips, roses and geraniums set in vases branching out from the centre. 

We prepared ruby-coloured birdcage favour cases and filled with chocolates which were set at each place. 

The beautiful fireplace in the room was a natural focal point so we adorned this with ruby coloured ribbon with a huge bow at the centre. We also decorated the mantel with yet more flowers. 

A table to the side was used for the enormous cake adorned with sugar red flowers that we had made at short notice by Edwina's Cakes. We managed to get our hands on a picture of the couple on their wedding day and we had this framed alongside the cake. 

The whole room was transformed and the couple were delighted when they saw what we had achieved without them suspecting a thing!