Les' 65th Birthday Party

The Brief: To surprise the birthday boy with a highly decorated room and outdoor area for his 65th birthday party. 

When we met with our client we discovered that whilst the party was no secret, the honouree would know nothing about our role in it or the spectacular cake she had commissioned. This made communication tricky as every time we called our client, Les answered the phone! We developed an alter ego so he wouldn't suspect a thing. 

Whilst chatting in our initial meeting it became apparent that although there was no set theme for the party, the cake and invitations reflected Les' former military career. We decided we would match this ourselves with a dark green colour scheme, adding gold accents to instill glamour and to give a nod to the special milestone. 

We decorated each table with dark green paper cloths - disposable and in keeping with the relaxed nature of the Hog Roast buffet. We then added glitz, using our birdcages adorned with fairy lights as table centrepieces. Contact us to hire birdcages for your own party. 

We filled sweet jars with a variety of confectionery and decorated with a gold ribbon. We then scattered gold gems and jewels on the table for added sparkle. We sourced some great gold confetti balloons that really stood out against the soft lighting of the birdcages and reflected the disco lights when the party came into its own. 

For room decor we used gold bunting to lower the ceiling and this creating a more intimate affair. We adorned the walls with gold fans in different heights and decorated the bar with gold paper lanterns

For an added surprise we created a pin board washing line, where guests were encouraged to pin messages and doodles for Les to enjoy. Also available for hire. 

Our client asked for a spectacular entrance to the club and we created this using large candle lanterns, oil burners and our light-covered trellis' - all items available for hire

The patio at the rear of the club was to be used for serving the Hog Roast, and we wanted to create an al fresco feel. We decorated the fenced barrier with twinkling fairy lights and provided vanilla-scented tea lights in jars on each picnic table, as well as gold bunting above the entrance and larger sweet jars to encourage sharing. 

Les was amazed to see his usual club transformed into a great party space.